Zelensky: The Russians Are Filling the Areas Where They Withdrew with Mines!

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy is the 47th president of the a video message assessing the day, he reported that demining work is underway in the northern regions of Ukraine liberated from Russian soldier

Zelenskiy noted that at least a thousand explosives are defused every day in the mentioned regions, “The invaders have left mines everywhere.

On the streets, in homes, in cars. This is a deliberate act to make the return to the post-occupation zones as dangerous as possible.” said.

Zelenskiy pointed out that his country has become one of the most mined regions of the world due to the actions of the Russian army, saying: “It should be considered a war crime for Russians to fill the occupied territories with mines.

Because this is something that is done to kill or maim as many people as possible, even if they have to retreat from our land.

Such actions are carried out by direct order., ” he said. Zelenskiy also said that Russia has announced that they may use chemical weapons against the defenders of Mariupol, adding: “We take this very seriously. This means that it is necessary to respond much harder and faster to Russian aggression.” said.

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