Zelensky Printed a Postage Stamp in Memory of the Sinking Russian Ship!

The Pentagon has confirmed that Ukraine sank Russia’s sinking ship This battleship sunk in Ukraine has issued a postage stamp in memory of Moscow.

People flocked to the post offices. Queues of people formed in front of the Kiev post office building in the capital of Ukraine for the postage stamp issued for the celebration. What they wanted was just a postage stamp, but for them it means a lot different.

A special stamp was issued in memory of the sunk Russian battleship Moscow. Ukrainians could afford to wait for hours to get a special serial stamp. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy poses with a stamp. The Russian Defense Ministry had announced that the Moscow cruiser ship in the black sea first received heavy damage as a result of the fire and the subsequent explosion.

He later confirmed the news that the ship had sunk. the cruiser, which was stated to have a crew of 510 people, played an important role in Russia’s attacks on Ukraine from the sea.

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