Zelensky Has Deciphered Putin’s Ruthless Plan!

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has claimed that Russian forces are targeting grain warehouses to cause shortages. Zelenskiy also said on Monday that Ukraine could lose tens of millions of tons of grain due to Russia’s blockade of Black Sea ports, which could trigger a food crisis that would affect Europe, Asia and Africa. “Russia doesn’t allow ships in and out, it controls the Black Sea,” Zelenskiy told the Australian news program 60 Minutes. Russia wants to completely block the economy of our country,” he said. Meanwhile, Ukraine has also accused Russia of targeting a grain warehouse in a missile attack. The Ombudsman for Human Rights of Ukraine Lyudmyla Denisova said that Russian forces deliberately set targets to cause famine in Ukraine. Confirming Denisova’s statements, Zelenskiy said on Telegram: “Their chosen goals prove once again that the war is a war of extermination for the Russian army. They targeted agricultural warehouses,” he said.

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