Will the Kremlin Topple Putin? The Claim that Shocked the Russians!

The head of the Military Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Major General Kyrylo Budanow, has suggested that a coup is being prepared in the Kremlin to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of the Military Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanow, in an interview with the British Sky News television, sharing the intelligence they received, claimed that there is a preparation for a coup against Putin: “There is a preparation in the Kremlin. The defeat of Ukraine will lead to a change in the leadership of the Russian Federation.

This process has already begun, and they are moving in that direction.” The Ukrainian name means that the journalist who conducted the interview said, “Does this mean that there is a coup d’état?” to the question, “Yes, they act this way, and it’s impossible to stop it,” he replied. Bodanow also stated that there will be a break in the war in August; he noted that the war will end at the end of 2022. Budanow, who also claimed that Putin’s health is very poor, he is fighting cancer and other diseases, said that the Russian leader is not in good shape psychologically and physically.

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