Will that country join the war? The state of emergency has been declared!

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban immediately after the formation of the new government He declared a State of EMERGENCY in Hungary from midnight due to the Ukraine-Russia War. Orban said on social media that the Hungarian government is more focused on the challenges posed by the war in the neighboring country Ukraine he stated that he would assume emergency powers in order to respond quickly.

“The world is on the verge of an economic crisis,” Orban said, He quoted Hungary as saying that it should stay out of the war in Ukraine and “protect the financial security of families”. Orban, the government’s emergency he stated that he would announce his first measures under the situation tomorrow. Orban, the leader of the Union of Young Democrats (Fidesz) Party, had won a 3-in-2 majority in parliament in the general election on April 3. Orban has gradually increased his powers during his 12-year tenure, while the European Union (EU) and human rights groups he is often criticized by.

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