When Putin lost on the battlefield, he resorted to a new path!

The Russian Leader Putin, who has not given up his attacks for months, is on the agenda with a much more terrifying incident this time. It is said that President Putin’s move this time, which did not find results with his land, air and sea attacks on Ukraine, is chemicals, and one of the main reasons for using these chemicals is interpreted as the failure of his plans and the strengthening of Ukraine day by day.

With these inhuman attacks, he managed to remain a stain that will never be erased from history, and the heroic Ukrainians who have not stopped defending their country despite all these attacks seem worried and worried about this situation, while Putin has given a red alert so that his moves will not fail again. Although this shows the seriousness of the situation, it is a matter of curiosity whether he would have carried out such a brutal attack near his own borders. What do you think about this incident?

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