Warning from Zelensky: Russia Has Announced its New Goal!

Russia had announced that it would change tactics in the Ukrainian war and concentrate on the Donbas.

‘We must be prepared,’ Ukrainian President Zelensky said. President Zelensky of Ukraine, He said that they should be prepared for Russia to conduct more extensive operations in the east of Ukraine. Zelensky addressed the public on his social media account on Sunday evening, the invading Russian forces accused him of torture and cowardly behavior.

Zelensky made the following statements:

‘They could use more missiles against us.They could even bomb us more from the air. But we are prepared for their actions.We will respond,’ he said. The leader of Ukraine, He called it a ‘sign of weakness’ for Russia’s claims that civilian deaths in their country were the result of attacks by the Ukrainian military. Zelensky said that: ‘Do you know why they say that? Because they’re cowards. Because it’s cowardice.They are afraid to admit that the policy pursued by Russia against Ukraine has been erroneous for 10 years’. Western-based intelligence reports that Moscow is changing its combat strategy in Ukraine and he suggests that he is focusing on May 9.

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