WANTED! Putin’s General Who Led the War Is Missing

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues Decisively, reports of unrest and ‘casualties’ in the army continue to come from the Russian front every day. Striking allegations have also been made about the general, who was personally put in charge of the army by Russian President Vladimir Putin. General Aleksandr Dvornikov, who participated in the Russian war in Syria and was declared a war criminal for his actions in this country, was raised again with the Ukrainian war many years later. Dvornikov had been selected by Putin to lead the Russian military in April after Russia’s attacks on Kiev failed.

According to the news that fell like a bomb backstage, the notorious general has been missing for two weeks. This, in turn, led to rumors that Putin may have dismissed his commander, whom he took into office with his own hands, again. The claim that General Aleksandr Dvornikov has not been seen for two weeks has been put forward by US officials. The United States claims that Dvornikov may have been dismissed by Putin, who saw that the offensive against Donbass was also on its way to failure, just like in Kiev. If these allegations are true, it is also becoming unknown who is now leading Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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