Very Critical Visits to Kiev in a Row!What is the new plan of the Russian army!

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskyy continues diplomatic traffic with Europe.

Kiev had an important guest.Austrian Chancellor Karl Schammer. The Austrian chancellor, a former soldier,met with the President of Ukraine Zelenskiy in Kiev on Dec.The sincere attitude of the two leaders attracted attention. After the meeting of Zelensky and Nehammer, a joint press conference was held. ‘This is going to be a difficult battle,’ Zelensky said,

adding that Russia was preparing to attack the Donbas.

Zelenski made the following statements: Yes, Russian forces are gathering in the east and in the south. With great strength and equipment, they are preparing to invade another part of our country again. This will be a difficult battle.We believe we will win.We are ready to fight at the same time and to end the war through a diplomatic solution. Austria supplies Ukraine with protective armor for civilians.So far, he has not provided weapons assistance. The Russian Defense Ministry had announced that the Donbas was the primary target in the invasion of Ukraine. After the round of negotiations in Istanbul, Russian forces withdrew from the capital Kiev and its surroundings and shifted to the east of the country.

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