Very Bad News for Russia! Putin’s Biggest Mistake Is Causing Him Trouble!

Nato may expand despite Russia’s war in Ukraine According to reports, Finland and Sweden will apply to join the North Atlantic defense pact this summer.

And there is a reaction from the Kremlin palace to this move. Nato, which has expanded five times since the cold War, could open the door to new members.

The likely candidate of the alliance is not Ukraine, but Finland and Sweden. If this move becomes a reality, it will not only infuriate Russia, but also underline its strategic mistake in invading Ukraine. Russia, on the other hand, is very responsive to this Nato move.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that further expansion of Nato will not bring stability to Europe. The prospect of expansion is bad news for Russia.

Putin, trying to push Nato away from Russian territory, will at once increase the number of members of the alliance to 32 and expand the face measurement of the front opposite it. The Ukrainian war, which has revived Nato, is precisely for this reason that it is considered Russia’s biggest strategic mistake.

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