USA Has Targeted Russia! Putin Will Be Stopped!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.But the reactions to Russia, on the other hand, continue to rain down. Statements targeting Putin came from US president Biden.US President Biden holds a press conference after the NATO summit in Madrid. Biden said, “Russia will not be able to defeat Ukraine with our support as well. We will provide all kinds of support. Ukraine has also regained Snake Island. I don’t think this war will end with a scenario where Russia will defeat Ukraine in Ukraine,” he said. He continued to you as follows: “Russia wants to take Ukraine and go beyond Ukraine. We need to impose a limit on the price of oil that the world pays for Russian oil. Oil prices are very high right now. Russia should not be able to sell oil at such high prices.

So the oil price should fall. I am also saying that we should produce millions of barrels from our reserves. I also suggested that the tax on fuel oil should not be levied for a certain period of time. The main reason why the price of petro and food prices have risen so much is Russia. This war doesn’t look like it will be over in a very short time. But to ensure our Ukraine’s own physical security we need to keep giving them what they need to. To this end, we will provide an additional support of October 800 million. This includes heavy weapons.” he made his statements.

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