USA Has Made a Move That Will Make Putin Depressed! Putin Is Desperate

Vladimir Putin and his girlfriend got into a fight! Allegations that she had an argument with her lover are not off the agenda in Moscow. Due to the invading attacks launched by Russia on Ukraine, the United States continues to impose sanctions on Russia on an ongoing basis. Finally, in the sanctions package they announced, when the sanctions that included Vladimir Putin’s secret lover came into play, Vladimir Putin and his lover Decimated! Alina Kabaev, the lover of Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin, had all her assets in the United States frozen.

Kabaev, who received the news of this, argued with Vladimir Putin and blamed him for this! This news, which fell like a bomb on the Russian media and tabloids, stirred up the situation. Kabaev, who met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, this morning officially took root in the Russian leader and vented all his resentment on him. Kabaev, whose assets have been confiscated by the United States and he has no right to take any action, is very angry and very upset.

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