USA Has Left Putin Helpless! Russia Is in Shock!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. In accordance with the agreement reached at the G7 Leaders’ Summit, it imposed new sanctions on Russia. In a written statement by the US Treasury Department, gold from Russia to the United States a ban has been imposed on its import and it is operating in the Russian defense sector about it was announced that Sanctions were imposed on 100 people and institutions. The Ministry said that the import of gold he noted that gold of Russian origin located outside Russia is not included in the sanction. In a statement, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said: “In response to Russia’s war against Ukraine working with our partners and allies to impose additional October sanctions we reaffirm our commitment once again.

Targeting Russia’s defense industry, It will reduce Putin’s capabilities. Low morale, broken supply chain and logistics failures will further hinder its war against Ukraine,” he said. Among the organizations that the United States has Decriminalized, the largest Russian defense company while the state-controlled Rostec is located in the Ministry, Rostec’s management umbrella is he noted that there are more than 800 organizations in various industries under it. Also on the sanctions list is Public Joint, the manufacturer of Russian MiG and Sukhoi fighter jets The Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is a Russian strategic bomber and the percentage of Tupolev and Rostec, the manufacturer of transport aircraft, directly or indirectly other companies, of which he owned 50 or more, took part.

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