US threatens China for its proximity to Russia

The American treasury secretary warned China not to undermine sanctions against Russia

, he said. He also expressed hope that China will use its close relations with Russia to end the war in Ukraine. this time the warning came from US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, as China, one of Russia’s closest allies, is under the US clamp.

Yellen told Russia that she would not be indifferent to countries undermining sanctions. While many countries have taken a 1st stance together against Russia’s actions, some countries and companies have not taken such a 1st stance, the sanctioning countries will not remain indifferent to the actions that undermine the sanctions we have imposed.

China has recently confirmed that it has a special relationship with Russia. I hope that China will do something positive with this relationship and help end this war. China had previously blamed the United States for sanctions against Russia. Since the beginning of the war, the United States has forced all countries to impose economic sanctions on Russia. It was stated that he threatened to pay those who did not comply with it.

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