US NEWS An attack at a New York City subway station Explosives were found

New York subway station shooting: Explosives found In the US, there was an attack on the Brooklyn subway station in the city of New York.

At least 13 people were injured in the attack. Explosives were found in the area, it said. “There are no active explosives at this time,” the NYPD said in a later statement. According to Reuters, 13 people were injured as a result of a gun attack at a subway station in the US city of New York.Speaking to the New York Post, eyewitnesses explained that a person wearing a gas mask and wearing a type of clothing similar to an MTA employee to avoid recognition opened fire randomly around and then fled the scene. It was reported that the incident occurred at the metro station on 36th street, where the D, N, R lines are located in Sunset Park, at about 08.30 in the morning.

The NYPD announced that no active explosive device had been found on the subway, contrary to initial reports.

It said investigations were ongoing into whether the incident was a terrorist attack or an individual attack. A large number of teams were dispatched to the scene, while the street was closed and metro services in the city were stopped. Eyewitnesses also announced that there was a panic among the population in the Brooklyn area. dec.

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