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The inhabitants of Ivankov, Ukraine, whose houses were bombed in Russian attacks, are seeking support to continue their lives. On the first day of his war against Ukraine, the Russian army entered Ivankov village of Chernobyl, near the Belarus border. The bridge at the village entrance was bombed, about 90 kilometers from the center of Kiev, the capital. Some of the houses in the area have become unusable in air strikes. Residents of the village of Ivankov, which was used by Russian troops to attack residential units in the capital, Kiev and Kiev, told AA reporter about their experience and current situation. Ivan of Ivankov said the Russian army came on 24 February by Chernobyl and began attacks. Explaining that they were hiding in the cellar at home during the attacks with 18 people from neighboring families, Ivan said that his home was hit by a missile. “God protected us, but a woman in our neighborhood died of a heart attack when her house started to burn.

Our houses burned down. My garage, my car, everything’s gone. Our children suffered psychological trauma. Our wounds are whining. I don’t know where to start life. We have nowhere to go. We need backup.” he did. Ivan said Russian soldiers were scanning civilians trying to escape the village by cars, and said the village priest was also shot. “The Russians came to save us, but they don’t know who they are. You’re rescuing him by attacking him? They may have been ordered to kill civilians, but the people who did this don’t have the brains. It doesn’t pity other people who don’t pity their own people.” he said. Expressing that Russian soldiers are looking for village managers, Ivan said, “they probably wanted to build a new republic, but no one collaborated with them.” he said.

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