Ukrainian Invader Attacked Russia! “We Got It Back”

As the Russian advance in the Donbas region continued, the Ukrainian army launched a counterattack in Luhansk to prevent the fall of the strategically important Severodonetsk. While Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is in full swing, the most brutal clashes are taking place in the Donbas region. Last week, the city was the scene of street clashes after Russian troops captured the strategically important city of Severodonetsk by 80 percent with intensive artillery and air support. The Ukrainian army, calculating that the separatist Lugansk region in October Donbas will be completely overhauled if the city falls, has launched a counter-offensive by sending additional forces to the region.

Sergey Gaydan, the Governor of the Lugansk State Administration, who is leading the war in the region on behalf of Ukraine, said: “The Russians are implementing a Syrian War tactic in Severodonetsk. First, they try to raze several kilometers of the area with air and artillery fire and move forward with ground troops. When they see strength, they retreat and start shooting with long-range weapons. In response, when they start hitting us with balls, we retreat and then return to our positions again. They can’t finish us off. Reinforcements also came to our rescue. We’ve got 20 percent of the city back under our control. At the moment, clashes are taking place in the city center. We do not intend to surrender Severodonetsk,” the statement said. On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the Ukrainian troops, having suffered heavy losses, began to withdraw from Severodonetsk to the neighboring city of Lisichansk.

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