Ukraine:Captain of sunken Russian warship ‘killed’

Russia’s flagship warship, the Moscow, has been sunk in the Black Sea while different allegations have been raised, this time occurring on board it has been suggested that the captain died during the explosion. Anton Gerashchenko,

adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said on his social media account, “Anton Kuprin, commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and captain of the Moscow flagship, died during the explosion and fire on board,” the statement said. Gerashchenko did not give any other details about the allegation in question.

The ship, which has a crew of about 300 people equipped with S-500 air defense missile systems, was shot down by a Neptune missile, the Ukrainian military said and because of this, he claimed that there was an explosion. The Russian military stated that ammunition exploded as a result of a fire on the ship, which caused severe damage, he later explained that the ship had sunk.

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