Ukraine to Join the European Union

Zelensky Gave the Good News

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski was connected to the German Parliament via video conference.

Zelenski said that Ukraine will join the European Union. In his speech, he criticized Germany and the European Union.

Zelenski Made the Following Statements
“The Russian army is killing thousands of people. It is attacking without distinction between civilians and soldiers.
The attacks continued again yesterday, they targeted the delivery room.
They do not allow humanitarian aid to enter the city, they do not allow us to protect our citizens,” he said.

Zelenski said, “An airlift could have been built here so that our people would not be killed.
I would like to call out to those who lived through World War II.
I want to call out to you after 80 years, you must not let war happen again.
Politicians don’t want to understand why we want to do this.
They don’t want to see us struggling to live in a free country and not fall under the yoke of another country.
They built a wall between us and they can’t see us.”

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