Ukraine: The Negotiation Process with Russia has become Complicated!

Michael Podolak, deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said in a statement to a national television. After the war, crimes committed by the Russian army in Buca, Mariupol, Val, Nevada. He noted that the negotiation process between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations to deck the war has become much more complicated. Polyak said the situation is constantly changing and the emotional background on which negotiations are under way. It gives reason to look at it a little differently in general.

The negotiation process has become much more complicated today. After Mary you, Paul and Valneva, we also saw this in the key of region. This is a very complicated process today said. Polyak also quoted Russia’s demands for the opening of a humanitarian corridor from Mario Paul to Berdyansk. He said that the Russians do not agree with this and that a civilized dialogue with Russia is not possible.

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