Ukraine Repels the Attack of the Russian Army!

The struggle of the Ukrainian army against the invading forces is successfully underway on land and in the air. General Staff of Ukraine, in the report published earlier today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Siversk, Kramatorsk and Verhnokamyansk He explained that the Russian attacks were dealt a serious blow and repelled the attacks of the invaders.

General Staff of Ukraine, in the report published this morning, “the Armed Forces of Ukraine have announced the enemy’s attempt to attack in the direction of Siversk he seriously suppressed and destroyed the artillery and rocket-firing systems belonging to the enemy., ” he said. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, occupying Russian troops in Kharkiv, Mahmut and Zaporizhia of Ukraine noting that it has continued its attacks in its regions but has failed, “the aforementioned settlements all directed enemy actions were unsuccessful. Our soldiers continue the fight against the invaders. Together we will succeed.” he used the expression.

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