Ukraine is On the Counterattack! Putin’s Army Was Forced to Retreat

Zelenskiy said Russian troops were being gradually pushed back from Kharkiv. On the other hand, Ukraine’s gas transmission operator GTSOU, He reports that Russia’s actions have disrupted the gas transit. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskiy, in his daily address to the nation, said that Russian troops are gradually as a result, he announced that he was being pushed back from Kharkiv. ”The invaders are gradually being pushed back from Kharkiv,” Zelenskiy said, A special international expert group headed by Michael McFaul and Andriy Yermak, he also reported that he proposed a roadmap for energy sanctions.

Zelenskiy related to the proposed roadmap, “This is what explains what needs to be done to make it really difficult for Russia to finance this war it is a detailed document, but at the same time due to restrictions on Russian energy resources to avoid damage to the global economie de. This is a rationally drafted document, and the work on its implementation has already begun,” he said.

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