Ukraine hit Russia! Putin is Helpless!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. There has been a remarkable development in the Russia-Ukraine war today. Governor of the city of Belgorod in Russia Viacheslav Gladkov noted that helicopters belonging to the Ukrainian army carried out an attack on the oil depot in the city. Gladkov said via Telegram that 2 military helicopters belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force carried out an attack on the oil depot in the city of Belgorod. Governor Gladkov said that 2 warehouse employees were injured in the resulting fire, but they were not in danger of life he said“ “An attack on a fuel tank by 2 helicopters belonging to the Ukrainian army, which entered the Russian field by flying low, was carried out by it was carried out. There has been no loss of life.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is trying to extinguish the fire as soon as possible. There is no situation that threatens citizens,”he said. A statement from Rosneft, the owner of the fuel tank where the flames rose, said: “The evacuation of employees has been carried out in the area. The deputy head of Rosneft is at the scene. We are in contact with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and law enforcement agencies,” he said. A short time ago, an ammunition depot belonging to the Russian army exploded in the city, injuring 4 people.

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