Ukraine Has Revealed All the Facts! Russia Is Doing This on Purpose

Zelenski explained the facts! Cruel Russia is almost committing genocide! The invasion attacks against Ukraine had started on February 24 with the decisions taken under the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin. Volodimir Zelenskiy said that since the first day of the war, the invading Russian troops have been almost tortured. To a question about whether what is happening in the settlements near Kiev is a “genocide”, Zelenskiy replied as follows: “Of course, this is a genocide. It is the elimination of the whole nation and the people. We are citizens of Ukraine. We have more than a hundred people. This is about the extermination of all these nations.

We are citizens of Ukraine and do not want to bow to the policy of the Russian Federation. This is the reason why we were destroyed, and this is the 21st. it’s happening in Europe of the century.” He connected to CBS television and made assessments on the Russia-Ukraine war. Assessing the civilian bodies that appeared in the settlements around Kiev after the Russian withdrawal, as well as images of the destruction, Zelenskiy stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin and all commanders involved in these deaths should be prosecuted.

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