Ukraine has destroyed the Largest Air Defense System in Russia! Putin Is Upset

The casualties of the Russian army, which launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, continue to increase. Russian S-300 in the Kherson region of the Ukrainian army he has released a new video in which he destroys air defense systems.

The Ukrainian army continues to fight and counter the invader with all its might, while Russia continues to bombard Ukraine and launch missiles. According to a statement made yesterday by the Operational Command of the Southern (Pivden) Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian-owned S-300 overland in the Kherson region it was announced that at least two launchers of surface-to-air missile systems and one command outpost vehicle were successfully destroyed. It was noted that the invaders, through the mentioned missile systems, attacked the Mikolayiv region in the morning hours of July 24.

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