Ukraine Has Captured the Most Important Power of Russia!

The notorious Sniper has been captured! The Russian sniper has been captured by the heroic Ukrainian soldier! By himself, he had caused the loss of 40 lives! The female sniper of the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin has been captured! The female sniper, whose real name is Irina Starikova but is called Bagira, tells her captors that she was left for dead after being wounded in a battle with Ukrainian troops. Starikova has served with the forces of the separatist Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, which has been fighting the government in Kiev since 2014.

The capture of the sniper was announced by the armed forces of Ukraine. It came out Dec the breaking news. On the orders of the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin, the female sniper who was on duty in the invasion attacks was neutralized. The female sniper, whose code name is: Bagira, was captured by the heroic Ukrainian soldier. The world press also announced this news. “Vladimir’s woman has been captured!”, “the most trusted military is no longer there”, “Vladimir Putin’s military, which was inaccessible, has been neutralized”, the headlines agitated the whole world.

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