Ukraine has been under Russian occupation for 43 days.

The worst may not have happened yet in the war.
Because Russia is preparing for the battle of Donbas.
According to experts, the Battle for the Donbas could be longer and bloodier.
On the other hand, with the withdrawal of Russians from Kiev and its environs, Ukrainians began to return home.

Emergency Situations authorities of Ukraine made important statements

Emergency Situations authorities of Ukraine said in a statement,
emergency teams have started cleaning military ammunition in places where the Russian army is withdrawing,
he stated that the seized explosive ammunition was neutralized to prevent civil damage.

Most of the intensive work Mykolaiv,
Donetsk, Kiev, Kharkiv and
He noted that it was carried out in the Sumy regions, stressing that they are combing thousands of hectares of land and work will continue.

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