Ukraine has Announced! “We Stopped Russia”

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyy has announced the 100th anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian war. “We stopped the second largest army in the world,” he said on the day. The Russian-Ukrainian war 100. as the day went on, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy made a new statement. Arguing that Russia has failed to achieve any of its goals in the 100 days it has continued its attacks, Zelenskiy said: “It is the 100th day in our struggle. a spirit that has not been broken for 100 days.

During this time, the enemy failed to achieve any of its strategic goals. Instead, he shifted his powerlessness to civilian infrastructure and people. In this 100-day process, Ukraine has done what no one can believe. We have stopped the second largest army in the world. We have regained some of our territory and continue to repel the enemy. I would like to thank everyone who has kept Ukraine afloat and continues to defend it. Victory is ours,” he said.

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