This News Has Confused Russia! Russians Are Confused

Russian President Vladimir Putin was allegedly offended and doctors advised him not to appear in public. According to Kremlin sources, Russian leader Vladimir Putin was disturbed during a meeting with his commanders and urgent intervention was taken, Dailymail newspaper reported. Doctors advised Putin not to appear in public. Putin experienced weakness and dizziness as he got up from his desk after a recent video conference with advisers and military leaders. Whereupon he needed urgent medical attention. Although it is still impossible to verify the claims, the Western media have long been saying that Putin is struggling with a number of diseases, including Parkinson’s and cancer.

The Kremlin, on the other hand, announced that he was in good health. In recent weeks, Vladimir Putin’s appearance of being nervous and bloated, uncontrolled leg tremors, and walking with poor coordination have also reinforced claims of illness. It was announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin postponed the “Direct Line” program, to which he directly responded to the questions of his compatriots.

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