This Move Will End Putin’s Job! 40 Countries Gathered

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for months. In the process, the invading Russian Forces inflicted serious damage on Ukraine. Even if the heroic Ukrainian soldiers continue their resistance, the war still continues. At the end of the war, although Russia did not get what it wanted, that is, Ukraine won the war, serious destruction has occurred in the country. The reconstruction of Ukraine comes up from time to time. There has been a very important development in this regard.

More than 40 countries signed the “Lugano Declaration” at the Ukrainian Development Conference held in Switzerland, where the reconstruction of Ukraine, which was destroyed as a result of Russia’s attacks, was discussed. 40 countries came together and took an important step towards Deconstructing Ukraine with the declaration they signed, and the 7-point “Lugano Declaration” was signed with the joint declaration of the participating countries.

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