This is Putin’s Biggest Fear! Even the Russians Were Surprised

He’s afraid of getting old! New resolutions from Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin. It has been suggested that Russian President Putin has instructed the authorities to carry out the necessary work to raise the average age in the country to 78 by 2030.The 69-year-old Putin, who will turn 78 in 2030, said officials in charge of health and living standards should ‘move steadily towards this goal’, the Independent reported.The current average life expectancy exceeded 73 in the second quarter of the year, Russian President Putin said at a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects.

A state agency in Russia broke the news. Vladimir Putin said: “This result may seem good, but the main thing for me is stability. We should increase life expectancy in Russia to 78 by 2030,”he said. At the meeting, Putin also made recommendations on the implementation of new plans to combat hepatitis C and diabetes. Putin said that the authorities should try to improve the quality of life of Russian citizens, including by reducing poverty.

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