They are Based on the Russian Border! Russians Are Confused

NATO has begun an extensive exercise 60 kilometers from the Russian border. Finland and Sweden are also participating in the “Hedgehog 2022”, one of the largest exercises organized by NATO in the Baltic region to date, announcing that they will become members of the alliance. Russian invasion of Ukraine 83. entering the day, NATO is holding a giant exercise near the border with Russia. Thousands of soldiers from 14 countries, including the United States Dec Ukraine, as well as Finland and Sweden, which are preparing to become members of NATO, are participating in the exercise, which began yesterday in Estonia. Close to 15 thousand soldiers are taking part in “Hedgehog 2022”, one of the largest exercises organized by NATO in the Baltic region to date. Air, ground and naval forces as well as cyber warfare teams are taking part in the exercise.

According to NATO’s statement, the United States has sent a giant landing ship to the region for the exercise. Meanwhile, NATO officials reported that the exercise, which began 60 kilometers from the Russian border, was planned before the war in Ukraine. NATO, which has significantly increased its military presence in the region close to Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, is currently continuing its exercises with 18 thousand soldiers in Poland and 3 thousand soldiers in the Baltic country of Lithuania. NATO will also hold a comprehensive exercise in the Baltic region and Poland next month with the participation of 23 countries.

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