There will be a Lot of Talk! Zelenskiy’s critical demand from Biden emerges

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues dec hot developments,

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy’s demands for various countries to increase sanctions against Russia are also ongoing. Finally, Zelenskiy’s critical request was revealed, which he conveyed to US President Joe Biden. According to US media reports, Zelenskiy demanded Biden to put Russia on the list of “Countries that Support Terrorism”.

As for the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy’s calls for sanctions to be imposed on Russia, which he has directed at various countries, continue. In his last telephone conversation with Biden, Zelenskiy asked the United States to take a serious step forward. Zelenskiy demanded Biden to put Russia on the list of “Countries that Support Terrorism,” while Biden refrained from making a firm commitment to his Ukrainian counterpart on this issue during the phone call in question. Although the support of the Soviet Union for some terrorist groups was known in the 1970s and 1980s during the Cold War, the United States did not put this country on the list of “Countries that Support Terrorism” during the Cold War.

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