There is No Kiev Entry into Russia! Putin Has Withdrawn!

Russia’s main goal, kieve, has become difficult to achieve. Russia wanted to occupy Kiev, which had been in the most strategic position since the beginning of the war, and take Ukraine into its hands. But the fact that the Ukrainian army with great dedication protected Kiev surprised the Russians. President of Ukraine Zelenskiy in his speech; ‘Russia will not be able to encircle Kiev in any way,’ he said. The Russian army, which did not expect Kiev to be so well protected, withdrew from the region due to the fact that it suffered a lot of loss of life and property due to the counterattack it received.

Knowing the opportunity for the Russians to withdraw from the region, the Ukrainian insurgents went over the Russian army and retook several areas that they had lost. ’The military needs time, we are moving too fast, we are tired and we are losing the areas we have taken,’ Zelenskiy said after a statement from Russian president Putin; ’There is no more time left, the wind has turned on our side in the war,’ he said. Zelenskiy, whose determination was noted in his speech, is believed to have made plans to liberate more territories.

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