The World Was Waiting For This News!Negotiation and Istanbul Statement from Putin

Russian leader Putin was with Lukasenko today.

There are important statements made by Putin. On March 29, the warring parties sat at the table in Istanbul. In the Dolmabahçe negotiation, both sides were optimistic. There was a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense. In order to pave the way for this negotiation process,

it was said that we will dramatically reduce the Russian military activities around Kyiv and around Chernikov as a sign of goodwill. It was said that the light of reconciliation was on in four of Putin’s 6 demands, that there was only a collusion on the land issue, the Crimea and the Donbass, and that the two leaders had to come together in order to resolve this. Turkey was involved in this. Turkey continues its diplomacy to bring Putin and Zelensky together. However, after March 29, the Russian forces surrounded by Kyiv and its surroundings left traces of massacres in Borodyanka and Bucha. Unfortunately, as of now, there is a negative answer to the question of whether the peace table that was set up in Istanbul after these massacres and that showed great promise will be overthrown. What happened in Ukraine was a tragedy, but Russia had no choice,

Putin explained. “We will not give up in the face of these Western sanctions, the world is in a more complex situation today compared to the cold war,” he said. Stating that we will not stop until our operations achieve their goals, Putin said that the consensus reached in the negotiations in Istanbul is now far away. On the Ukrainian side: The negotiations in Istanbul are deadlocked. The anti-Russians in the West make themselves felt and everything will fall into place in time, he explained. There are very important messages in Putin’s statement.

This statement made by Putin could be a statement that overturned the peace table. “I would like to thank the Russian soldiers who participated in the operation in Ukraine,” he said. Putin, they are protecting Russia and we should not hide anything about the operation, We need to work objectively, Minimizing casualties will be our goal. When the operation will end depends on the intensity of the conflicts. used the phrases. “We will not stop until we achieve our military goals,” said Putin, signaling that the war would continue.

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