The World-Shaking Statement from the Kremlin!

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov said that there is no possibility of a meeting of Russian President Putin and Ukrainian leader Zelenskiy on the current conditions, when peace talks with Ukraine have Decayed. Peskov said: “Everyone knows our position on this issue: in order for an interview to be held at the highest level, it is necessary to prepare for this interview thoroughly. We know that the Ukrainian side is out of the negotiation process, so there is no possibility that preparations for such a high-level meeting will be held,” he said.

The Kremlin spokesman also noted that changes should be made to the anti-Russian sanctions that prevent this from happening for the supply of Russian grain to Western countries, but he could not say in concrete terms that talks have been held on this issue. Peskov said: “In order for Russian grain to be supplied to international Sundays, it is necessary to insure grain-carrying ships and to change the direct and indirect sanctions that prevent it from entering European ports. Because all this complicates the process,”he said.

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