The World Is Shaking With This News! North Korean General Threatens Putin with Death

The North Korean general threatened Vladimir Putin with death! The whole world is shaking with this shocking news! Last night, a shocking development took place as the invading Russia increased its attacks in Ukraine. This time, a shock news came from North Korea, which has recently begun to support the Ukrainian army. Vladimir Putin was threatened by North Korea. The conversations of the deputy Chief of the General Staff of North Korea, Marshal Ri Myong-su, and his deputy were disclosed. The North Korean commander, who was very angry at the nuclear threats of the occupying Russia, threatened Vladimir Putin with death in his telephone conversations! In one of the speeches, the North Korean commander said, “Vladimir Putin cannot underestimate North Korea. We are stronger as nuclear weapons than that dictator. We have twice the weapons you have. We explode our nuclear weapons in his head and then he will have learned his lesson,” he said, opposing Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats. The whole of Korea was agitated by this news and Kim Jong Un imposed a broadcast ban on the news.

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