The War has Spilled Over into the Invading Russian Territory!

As the war in Ukraine continues at full speed, Russia is shaken by the news from Bryansk. The explosion occurred in the area about 60 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. The first images came from the area, while the British media wrote that the cause of the explosion was a Ukrainian attack… The war, which began on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has recently intensified in the eastern regions of Ukraine. In recent days, there has been talk that the initiative has been passed to the Russian army in the region, and the news from Russia soon sat on the world’s agenda. It was announced that an explosion occurred early yesterday morning in the town of Klintsy in the Bryansk region of Russia. The British Daily Mail newspaper wrote that the cause of the explosion was a Ukrainian attack.

The newspaper reported this development as ‘Ukraine responded: Kiev blew up a military base 40 miles from the Russian border in the early hours of the morning’ while presenting its readers with the headline ‘The first images from the region have arrived. Footage posted on Telegram also showed the moment of the explosion. Footage taken from the balcony of a nearby house showed smoke rising from the base after the explosion. Again, images on social media showed an area that was said to have been taken from the explosion site.

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