The US General threatened Putin! US Navy can shoot down Russian ships in black sea!

US army general David Petreaus threatened Russia! Retired American army general and former CIA director David Petreaus said that they will destroy the navy ships that the Russian army has in the Black Sea. As the war between Russia and Ukraine escalated, the discussion of the use of nuclear weapons in the Russian government began to constantly come up on the agenda. Dec. The use of nuclear weapons in Russia has come up again after the Ukrainian army began to retake the territories annexed by Russia in Ukraine. In an interview with ABC News, General David Petreaus said that if the Russian military uses nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory, the United States and its allied countries will destroy Russian troops and equipment in Ukraine. At the same time, General Petreaus, who said that they will destroy the navy ships that Russia has in the Black Sea, said that Russia would not dare to use nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory.

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