The United States has decided to Provide Justice! Putin is very angry about this situation!

Russia’s fearful dream is another historic aid coming to Ukraine from America. Foreign Minister Antony America to Ukraine from the inventory of the American army while blind in a statement given to be $ 1 billion, he said and left weapons and ammunition that will be done is the biggest help your help so far is also the only time since August 2021 America’s aid to Ukraine came to a total of 9.8 billion dollars.

A hero of Russia to the United States occupying the position very clear his attitude towards the people of Ukraine and the foreign minister said they would continue to support a statement while blind of America, America, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and providing support for vital security assistance from Ukraine with its allies and partners in more than 55 countries, we are also in unity with it moves gave place to the words. What do you think about the American aid to Ukraine?

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