The United Nations Has Stepped In For War! Putin Will Be Cornered!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. Tomson Phiri, a spokesman for the UN-affiliated World Food Program, and World Health Service in Odessa, Ukraine The official of the organization is Dr. Dorit Nitzan at the weekly press conference of the UN Geneva Office assessed the latest situation in the country. Emphasizing that the problem of food safety throughout the country is increasing seriously every day, Phiri said, “One out of every 3 households is food he faces insecurity. This rate is especially increasing in the eastern and southern regions of the country.” said.According to Phiri, WFP needs noting that food aid was increasing rapidly in the regions, he said, “Food and cash aid was delivered to 2.6 million people in June.” he shared his knowledge.

WHO official Dr. Nitzan also drew attention to the fact that health services have been disrupted in the country since the beginning of the war “The tumors of a large number of cancer patients who were not diagnosed and treated early have progressed, and their disease has become more critical, ” he said.” said.

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