The Ukrainian soldier single-handedly saved the army! The commanders gave a reward!

Large-scale wars had not occurred on Earth for a very long time. After a long time, the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to Decimate the whole world. Although the war has been difficult for both countries, the Ukrainian Army is showing a great example of courage by achieving epic successes. When it comes to courage, the stories of heroic soldiers in the Ukrainian Army are proudly told by the entire Ukrainian People. Today we will tell you one of those stories. A navy soldier serving in the Ukrainian Army saved the lives of all his friends.

The soldier, who noticed that the boat in which the Ukrainian soldiers boarded, who set off with a military boat belonging to the Navy, was broken, jumped out of the ship and swam to the boat without moving his friends. The soldier, who warned his friends about the issue, had all his friends re-boarded the ship without moving. The boat that the soldiers boarded to move was soon buried under the water. He was highly praised by the commanders of the soldiers, who, thanks to his attentiveness, saved the lives of his friends.

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