The Ukrainian Army Stormed the Russian Headquarters! Putin’s Army Has Been Dealt a Big Blow!

The Ukrainian insurgents closed the Russian weakness with a beautiful result. Ukrainian insurgents, who knew the opportunity for 2 soldiers who were on guard of the Russian headquarters to fall asleep, stormed the Russian headquarters. The Ukrainian insurgents, who completely destroyed the headquarters they entered with long-barreled weapons, rockets and c4 explosives, were written in capital letters in the Western press.

The following statement came from the Russian front. ‘It was announced that the lifeless bodies of 9 soldiers and 2 commanders were reached during the night raid, while the soldiers who were sleeping during the vigil were captured as prisoners by Ukraine,’ he said. You can write comments at the bottom of the video to discuss your own ideas with our other viewers. We will continue to provide you with the most accurate news in the fastest way.

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