The Ukrainian army seized the ammunition of the Russians! Great loss in the Russian army!

The Ukrainian army seized the ammunition of the Russians! The heroic Ukrainian army, which has recently made huge gains after increasing operations, is getting almost a booty after the regions it has won. Ukraine has regained the pieces of territory it lost in the northeast and south of the country at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The Ukrainian army has seized military equipment left by the Russians in the areas it has retaken. With the use of Soviet-era equipment by both countries, a very critical piece of information has been revealed for the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army, which knows very well everything that invading Russia uses, can easily add to its own inventory by confiscating equipment in the regions where Russians have fled. It was announced that 200 vehicles, 45 tanks, 70 infantry fighting vehicles and 30 artillery ammunition were seized in the Kharkiv region captured by the Ukrainian army. It’s almost a big treasure. The news was welcomed with happiness by the citizens of Ukraine.

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