The Ukrainian army is taking revenge! Ukrainian missiles in Moscow!

The Ukrainian army is conducting an air operation in Moscow! After the Russian military constantly carried out attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kiev, there were statements that the Ukrainian army was preparing to retaliate against Moscow. While the heroic Ukrainian army is beginning to regain the annexed territories, it is said that it is planning to organize an air operation in Moscow in order to intimidate Vladimir Putin. Russian government officials recently stated in a press release that the Ukrainian military could launch an airstrike on Moscow at any moment and that everyone should be on the alert. In a statement made by the Russian General Staff, it was stated that the air defense systems in Moscow had been increased and that they had not abandoned the precaution. Russia seems to be expecting an air attack from the Ukrainian army right now, and the Ukrainian army’s air operations in Crimea, Odessa and Belgorod seem to have intimidated Putin. It seems that the Ukrainian army has been continuing to conduct successive operations with the new long-range missiles it has received over the past few weeks.

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