The Ukrainian Army Has Trapped the Russians!

The Russian army has established dominance over a territory it has occupied. It was reported that their ammunition, medical equipment, and even a small-scale operating room had been set up. Hearing this, the Ukrainian army immediately took action. The insurgents who circled the area where the Russians were located trapped the Russian invaders.

Ukrainians, who took the region away from the Russians with a raid late in the day, sent many health kits to hospitals located in the capital Kiev to be used for civilian citizens. The Ukrainian army, which captured 2 people from the Russian army commanders as prisoners in its raid, had Russian commanders interrogated Russian commanders by specially trained Ukrainian experts to get Russian commanders to talk and learn Russia’s strategies in the coming times. In a statement from Russia; It was said that ’the Russian commanders will be handed over as soon as possible, the commanders have been trained at such a level that the Ukrainians have not been informed in any way’.

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