The Ukrainian Army Destroyed the Russian Ammunition Depot! Putin Is About To Go Crazy

The Ukrainian army is carrying out successful operations with unmanned combat aircraft. The ammunition depot belonging to the Russian army was destroyed by the Ukrainian army. The ammunition depot of the Russian army in the Belgorod region, located on the border of Ukraine and Russia, was neutralized by Ukrainian forces. Unmanned combat aircraft used by the Ukrainian army appear to have gone into operation in the Belgorod region.

The Ukrainian army has just finished training for unmanned combat aircraft, and it seems that they have started operations without wasting much time. The governor of Belgorod announced that the explosions were accurate and there were no dead or injured. The governor of Belgorod said that the Russian army has begun to evacuate settlements near ammunition depots. The Russian army seems to be putting the people living there at risk by setting up ammunition depots and bases in the settlements.

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