The Ukrainian army destroyed it! 3 Russian helicopters were shot down!

3 Russian helicopters were shot down! In the morning, the plans of Russia, which wanted to attack Ukraine, were defeated. The air strikes that the occupying Russia has increased in recent days have been prevented by the Ukrainian army. Since the beginning of the war on February 24, 3 helicopters of the invading Russia, which attacked Kiev for certain periods, have been destroyed. 3 Kamov KA52 model Russian attack helicopter, which the invading Russia took off to attack Kiev in the morning, was shot down by the air defense systems of the Ukrainian army. Along with the helicopters of the invading Russian army, which were shot down before they could approach the capital, warplanes were also going to the region. The warplanes flying towards Kiev were called back to the runway with the code “attack abort” when the helicopters crashed early, and the invading Russia could not attack Kiev. Together with the newly arrived air defense systems, the invading Russia was almost completely stopped.

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