The Statement from Zelensky That Worries the Whole World! Get Ready For It

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy has issued warnings to the world that Russian President Putin could use nuclear weapons, he told CNN International.

Zelenskiy said the world should be prepared for the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons in Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Zelenskiy said that Putin may turn to nuclear or chemical weapons because he does not value the lives of the Ukrainian people. “Not only me, but the whole world, all countries should be worried because the information may not be real, but it is livable,” said Zelenskiy, who warned the world about it. Commenting on the issue,

US officials warned about the possibility that if Putin is cornered, he may turn to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. CIA Director Bill Burns said in a statement that the CIA is monitoring the possibility “very carefully” and stressed that the United States has not yet seen any signs that Russia is preparing to take such a step.

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