The Statement from Ukraine that Shocked Russia! A Big Blow to Putin’s Soldiers!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Putin’s orders continues. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky issued in the daily video message, the Ukrainian forces suffered significant logistical losses to the invaders he said that he was able to give and that “Other Ukrainian officials as he said, Western weapons are changing the balance of the battlefield,” he said. “The Russian army is increasingly holding positions on the captured territory it is becoming difficult,” Zelensky said“ “We are moving forward step by step, the invaders we are cutting off its supply and identifying and neutralizing collaborators,”he said.

The Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, Valeriy Zalujniy, said that the United States is more like High-Performance Artillery Rocket Systems he said that the timely arrival of long-range artillery helped to change the battlefield balance. “We managed to stabilize the situation,” Zalujniy said. It’s complex, intense, but completely controlled. Defensive lines and positions an important factor contributing to our protection is access to enemy checkpoints, ammunition and fuel depots it is the timely arrival of the M142 HIMARS systems that carry out operational attacks,” he said.

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